Taurus health horoscope this week

Taurus Health Horoscope – Astrology Health Predictions for Taurus

Do not panic, Taurus. You simply have to let go of your laziness for the time being and re-organise your schedule to include the new workload. Your ambition will make sure you perform well. Wear blue for good luck. The best astrologers in India can give your journey a direction, consult them on Astroyogi!

You may find love in a most unexpected place today, coming from a long-standing friend. These emotions have been simmering for long, and the time is fruitful for a relationship to blossom. If you care for this person, then give this pairing some serious consideration, as you already have established trust and rapport with this friend. You never know, this could turn out to be a life-long partnership. Someone is quite jealous of you; just take it in stride.

Success often breeds envy and your success in the professional and personal arenas is a source of envy for many a people around you. Learn to take it in stride, for jealous people usually cause no harm to you, but only suffer from their own negative emotions. Try to win them over with your charisma and charm. Setbacks in business cannot be ruled out; your challenge is to rise above them. However, it would be in your interest not to allow these setbacks to hamper your long-term business interests.

Focus your attention on specific targets and, if possible, join hands with some self-motivated and enthusiastic people to enable you to take your business to new heights. Today promises a bloom in your health as you recover from prolonged illness. A new medication starts showing positive results and helps you feel better.

However, in the beginning you will have to be a little careful to avoid a relapse.


Taurus 12222 Horoscope

Keep in mind that a slight negligence could allow a recurrence. Continue a nutritious diet and enjoy recreational activities to reap the full benefits. This is a wonderful time for you in terms of your career, and this is true regardless of what direction you take. You have the perseverance, dedication and patience to work well in any arena, and people tend to warm to you.

You are also very good about not letting work become your life and appreciating the other gifts life has given you to the full. You may be drawn to education or parenthood. There is a sense of wanting to lay down roots, progress or grow in some way. You want to get to the next level. You feel positive and this is infectious and helps to draw better things into your life. This week a new relationship will be first and foremost on your priority list.

A casual flirtation could turn into something far more serious this time. If you are single this could well be the person that you have been waiting for.

September 12222 Love Compatibility Horoscope for Taurus

Expect this week to be a romantic one filled with intimate moments. You will find your dates to be delightful and interesting. You will find yourself in great spirits this week. Your career front will benefit as you take some very good decisions. You manage to get some important projects for your company.

Meetings are likely to progress smoothly and your negotiation skills will be impressive. This is the week when you must plan your work and get good results.

Taurus weekly-"Now they wanna tell the truth" (Oct 1-7)

Some of you will be given additional tasks at work. Financial dealing may not bring very positive results right now.

Delays in payments or cancellations of deals are expected this week. It will be favorable to keep all monetary engagements on hold. There may be a few unexpected interruptions. Key Dates: October Venus-Uranus opposition Things could shift without much warning under this unpredictable showdown. But before you lose all sense of control, look at your role in a key relationship: Are you shape-shifting to fit into what they want? Get down to business!

The Sun is in Libra and your sixth house of administrative details until October Studies show that environment directly impacts productivity. If your office could benefit from the Marie Kondo treatment, get to it! Since the sixth house also rules the people who work for you, consider hiring an assistant—virtual or TaskRabbit—to help you get ever-lingering projects off the ground. Communication planet Mercury wings into Scorpio and your partnership house for an extended trip on October 3, helping you articulate your needs and ask for proper support!

Put that Taurus pride aside and join forces for the win. This will get even easier once the Sun enters Scorpio for a month on October At the October 27 Scorpio new moon, a new alliance could appear or you might be offered a contract. Can you negotiate a few things on YOUR terms?

Taurus 12222 horoscope:

Speaking of negotiation, try to get that done before Halloween. Back up all your most important data. Since retrogrades rule the past, reach out to connections you may have neglected. You may be burning to blurt out something that feels imperative to say, but speaking without thinking can create unnecessary chaos.

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