Taurus astrology february 16

Much like a strong wind, air's influence drives a stubborn and determined quality to your personality. When paired with your natural curiosity, the influence of air allows you to work tirelessly to gain understanding and knowledge from new situations.

The continued embrace of air's positive qualities will become a strong asset, as long as you make an effort to avoid air's negative qualities; the influence of stagnant air can cause bouts of social and emotional distance. The Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also subject to the planetary influence of Venus.

While Uranus, the planet of deviation, is responsible for your freedom seeking and original qualities, it is the power of Venus that is reflected in your social and sensitive nature. Your unique combination of planetary influences makes you more of a natural romantic than the other Aquarius Decans. In your close relationships, you are sensitive, affectionate and unconditionally loving.

In your romantic endeavors, you display the same passion, but your impulsive nature leaves many relationships short-lived. While your restlessness will always be a challenge, take refuge in the fact that it will bring you many worthwhile and exciting experiences. Determined, warm and original, your natural abilities will create a variety of career options for you to consider.

You may choose to take your warmth and passion for people into humanitarian careers, such as teaching or education. Similarly, your need for excitement may take you into careers like advertising, journalism or media.

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If you feel your charms would be most useful when shared with an audience, you may take to the world of entertainment, much like Ice T, who was also born on February 16th. In whichever career you choose, adopt the passion and dedication to greatness of John McEnroe, another of your celebrity birthday twins.

Someone overshooting the family budget may irritate you. Love Focus: You are likely to develop romantic feelings for a co-worker in the office and receive positive signals too! You can become envious with someone you dislike regarding a new possession. You are likely to be surrounded by your near and dear ones today. Yoga and meditation prove immensely helpful. You will be back to your penny-pinching ways just to put the money together for something important.

February 2020 monthly horoscope

Chance to discuss something pertaining to your career with higher ups can come to you today. A domineering family elder may become an interfering presence in your life. An exciting trip with friends is on the anvil. Chances of inheriting property look bright for some.

Zodiac Signs: Know All About Your Sun Signs

You may be hard put to find time to discharge a social commitment pending for long. You will enjoy good health through regular workouts. Incurring a heavy expenditure is not likely to deter you as you are confident of filling up your coffers once again. Some days nothing goes right at work and today may be that day. Love Focus: Spouse may not have time for you today due to his or her professional or social commitments.

It will be important to repose full faith in someone regarding a pending property matter. Socially, your popularity is likely to rise through active participation. A home remedy will not be enough to completelyeradicate a health problem. Earning for some is set to increase.

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Professionally, you are likely to forge confidently ahead. A guest may arrive at your doorstep unannounced and stay with you for a few days. Possession of a property may be given to some. You are likely to feel hurt by getting sidelined on the social front. You enjoy good health by keeping your diet simple. You are likely to come into big money asstars shine on the financial front. An incomplete job may put you in trouble with higher ups at work.

A family get-together will afford you a chance of meeting relations you had not met in years. Your excellent guidance is likely to make someone excel on the family front.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Commuting can waste a lot of your time today. Those serious about investing in property are likely to get a lucrative offer. Feeling that someone is working against your interests may not be true. Taking a day off between exercises will prevent fatigue from setting in and keep you fit and energetic.

You are likely to become financially stronger as money comes to you. Those on a long journey will make good time and cover the delays. Good price can be expected for a property, if you are interested in it. Meeting near and dear ones is possible for those taking the day off. Past ailments will be overcome as your focus is on health now. Take all financial issues seriouslyas any laxity on your part can have unfavorable consequences.


February Monthly Horoscope

Things that you are trying toachieve on the academic or professional front are likely to come within your grasp. Spouse, parent or a family member is likely to lend you full support in your current endeavors.

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Some of you may be invited for an out of town function. Financial planning done beforehand is likely to help you keep your expenses in check. Sale of property promises excellent returns. Some desire you had been harbouring for long is likely to be fulfilled today. Some of you can get irregular in your workouts and break the rhythm. Those suffering from a lifestyle disease will succeed in getting it under control.