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So now, how does the situation get resolved? The pressure is enormous. The desire is to jump into the fray but that will only prolong the fight and cause more pain and hurt. The relief, the resolution is in the missing energy of Libra.

Aspect Patterns

Libra is about the use of diplomacy and balance. Mars in Libra will use gentle force to get it. The key to getting a T-Square to become productive is by defining these areas of your life so that you can decide how you can most productively release the pressure on the focal planet or apex through adjusting and making changes. Let us use the example of the Cardinal T-Square that is coming up. This focuses on your identity. The sign of the focal planet, Aries tells us that the issue is your ability to define and be in control of yourself.

It is being challenged by Capricorn, which feels it superior in wisdom and has earned the right to use power and authority over you in order to define ad control you. Cancer is now challenging the issue by bringing in the element of your human emotional and spiritual identity.

Transit Venus Square the Nodes Major Choice in Relationship Destiny!!!

The missing key, and the way to resolve the situation, is the missing energy of Libra, which is all about identity through social connections and the use of diplomacy. One example of how we have gotten to where we are presently is that misuse of technology for computer hacking and sending viruses into computers worldwide has made governments and individuals feel insecure in their home lands and their individual homes.

Pluto in Capricorn can have a measure of power when it 1 allows for individualism and does not encroach on individual freedoms by making unreasonable, invasive and malicious laws, 2 respects human sensitivities and needs to feel secure, and 3 uses patience and diplomacy to achieve that power. In the end, everyone can get what they want when they work towards the same integrated goal. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Working With Cardinal T-Square Energy The key to getting a T-Square to become productive is by defining these areas of your life so that you can decide how you can most productively release the pressure on the focal planet or apex through adjusting and making changes. When studying the t-square in the horoscope of Queen Elizabeth II, I was determined to look beyond the well-documented Saturn, which is the focal planet and conjoins her MC in Scorpio.

See Chart, left. I soon discovered that the whole configuration describes stories that have been at the centre of her life since birth. Princess Elizabeth was born into a time when a class war threatened the British establishment; troops kept order on the streets, and a general strike was announced the week of her birth Mars— Jupiter in Aquarius. The new Elizabethan age was sold to the public as an era of social change, but this was an illusion.

Pomp and ceremony Saturn dictated her coronation in June , even though the government had hoped to create the biggest-ever national party for the people Mars—Jupiter in Aquarius. The Queen was the first monarch of the television age Jupiter in Aquarius. Not only has his name been tainted by rumours of extramarital affairs, but Philip also sacrificed his cherished naval career for marriage.

Elizabeth inherited a powerful but dwindling empire; over the years, numerous Commonwealth common wealth: Jupiter in Aquarius countries have demanded their independence. In the s, to criticize the monarch was to condemn England.

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By the s, the Royal Family was seen as an expensive ornament that titillated the public with its soap opera— style, ongoing dysfunctional dramas. Raised by her Victorian father, Elizabeth was warned from an early age that change was dangerous. But rapid social change and progress in her lifetime have meant a slow death of tradition Saturn in Scorpio. Her reign has involved maintaining a delicate balance between preserving the monarchy and adapting to changing times and the cries of popular opinion — in reality, 60 years of battling against modernization.

As Elizabeth was growing up, divorce freedom from the institution of marriage was anathema to her — it was against her traditional set of beliefs. Yet, with Saturn as the focal planet and elevated at the MC, she has shown a stoic and steely resolve in the face of adversity, holding her family together and maintaining a year grip on her royal birthright.

The Queen has always perceived her role as a divine calling. But how many sacrifices were made Neptune , and at what cost to her own personal freedom Mars—Jupiter in Aquarius?

The Anatomy of a T-Square

Queen Elizabeth II, April 21, ; a. Further ideas on this configuration can be found in my textbook, Getting to the Heart of Your Chart Flare, Skip to content. The Anatomy of a T-Square. February 12, Frank Clifford. Where to Start: The Aspects Getting to the potential meaning of a t-square can be a challenge for pro- fessional and student astrologers alike.

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The Focal Planet A t-square is like a pressure cooker of energy, edginess, and stress. These are signs concerned with rigid attachment, ongoing immovable situations, and a determination to preserve the status quo.

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The planets involved are Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn. Mars and Jupiter are dynamic and motivating — forceful planetary principles in motion. Neptune is softer and glamorizes, subtly undermines, or permeates a situation.

Mars—Jupiter in Aquarius suggests a progressive, rousing crusader fighting for social change; there may be a great desire for personal freedom. The conjunction opposes Neptune in Leo, which suggests royal scandal, a weakening of the monarchy, or a longing for the imperial greatness of yesteryear. Aquarius versus Leo manifests in a division between the common man the hoi polloi, the plebs and the patricians those born to rule. The schism inherent in the opposition is released by its squares to the apex: Saturn on the MC in Scorpio.

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