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He has an online site named Free Will Astrology that gives accurate horoscope. Due to his excellent reading, he gained respect from people across the world who knows him. Pandit Ajai Bhambi is a celebrity astrologer and Vastu Shastra expert of an international repute and has been practicing astrology for over 30 years.

He uses his knowledge of astrology to help individuals identify and achieve objectives in their life. He is a popular Indian astrology columnist and an astrologer to the rich and famous personalities. Susan Miller is known to be the Queen of Astrology due to her accurate forecasts. Poorvididi is the first Tarot Card reader in Gujarat, India for the last ten years.

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  • Love and Fate - Vol. Michele Delemme. Sacred Wisdom Of The Planets. Kooch N. Your Horoscope Virgo. Zoe Buckden. There is hardly a thread like difference between illusion and intuition but both make the mind extremely active and sometime hallucinating also, from their different perspective. Rahu has a special capacity to activate the mind with a different imaginative set up where everything looks rosy and achievable without putting much efforts.

    Rahu is also known to create a mirage when involved with the Moon, so the illusionary world can go on and on as somebody hoping for water in a deep desert. The other quality of Rahu is that it never gets tired of its illusionary imagination. I was told that imagination is very important to achieve worldly or spiritual aspirations.

    The god of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, in his playing days used to visit the ground alone either in the night or early morning when nobody was around. Legend has it that he would sit near the pitch and start imagining that he has to play here after sometime on this ground and how is he going to achieve his target without any destruction. More often than not, he succeeded in his mission and that is why the world knows him as a legend of world cricket. Dhirubhai Ambani used to consult me quite often and once, after analysing the horoscopes of him and his family, I was curious to know something about his mind.

    It was my practice to know what was happening in the mind of great people when they were struggling and had almost no hope. He told me of the time he was working in Yemen as a pump man at a petrol service station. I could not follow him and asked, what do you mean by pump man?

    He said he was working in a petrol station and used to fill petrol gas in vehicles. While filling petrol he used to think that one day he will have a refinery and be the richest man of the country at least. In this process, many times he would overfill the petrol and get a scolding from his owner and reimburse the loss from his salary. But this man used to think of owning a refinery and that is what happened one day and the rest is history. In the human body, blood which contains maximum plasma is controlled by Mars and the flow of blood in the arteries and veins of the body is controlled by the movement of the Moon.

    The same way money is generated by Jupiter and flow of money in society is solely dependent on the Moon. As a matter of fact, there is an inherent connection between the flow of money in society and the Moon. The Moon's mahadasa of ten years started in September The placement of Moon in the third house of the Nation's chart is not entirely good and indicates a paradigm shift in thinking, philosophy and culture of the country. During the antara sub-period of Moon-Mars in the Nation's chart around November 8, , demonetisation had been announced as a jolt to one and all and everybody felt the heat of this decision at that time.

    The Modi government put certain restrictions on the flow of money. The monetary structure or flow of money will never be the same at least for the next 10 years when the Moon mahadasa will remain in operation. Right now, in the Nation's chart Moon-Rahu are in operation from February 8, , to August 10, The GST has been put on a par with when India won freedom at the stroke of midnight on August 14, When the world is asleep, India will wake to life and freedom, a new era.

    As we know in astrology, Rahu gives illusions which are inter-mingled with themselves in such a way that confusion keeps on mystifying further and further. Let us try to understand GST by an example. Assuming you earned Rs 1 lakh and very rightly they are lying in your bank.

    You are happy, so is the government. Out of this amount, Rs 30, will be taken via income tax at the rate of 30 per cent interest. The bank has to perform its rightful duty, so it will add Rs 6, in your account as interest on the capital. If you don't spend anything, then 18 per cent will be taken by GST as per the new rule. However, if you should decide to spend on groceries, food, clothing or any other necessary articles then you have to pay 28 per cent.

    The government is very happy with you because you are a good citizen and doing your duty. Assuming you call a carpenter, plumber or go and buy vegetables, fruits, sweets and other articles then again you have to pay from 18 to 28 per cent. But the people from whom you acquire these services are not liable to pay to the government because they don't keep any record.