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Enjoy the inspiration Image left: detail from the Pisces card. Astrological Ramblings of One Perplexed. Click here. By no means complete, and avoiding any attempt at 'prediction', this section contains occasional ruminations plus random trails of thought, humour, and other spin-offs from the current rather intense process of "Brexit"!

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April 17 th , February 18 th , Chiron re- enters Aries and stays there until , reaching Aphelion furthest point from the Sun on May 27, Read more. Book of hours, 15th C, anon. Bodleian Library.


She is the largest Centaur,. Click here for some images, an ephemeris, an MP3 recording, article and book 'Sea Eyes' And don't miss the movie 'The Whale'! Although the 'exclusion' August of Pluto from the Solar System has proven controversial, the 'new shape of things' yields some wonderful symbolism. Browse the articles below for further information So Below Previous periods in history when man's understanding of the cosmos 'above' was radically altered were times of great turmoil 'below'.

Like now. The articles below provide a review of the process of Pluto moving from Scorpio, the sign it co-rules, through Sagittarius and into Capricorn, where it is now. Macrocosm and microcosm co-reflecting. Articles featuring Pluto.

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The meaning and symbolism of the reclassification of Pluto, and other changes in the definition of our Solar System. II: Alignment with the Galactic Centre. Pluto aligned in late Sagittarius with the centre of our galaxy. This reflects the need and brings the opportunity to align with our own deeper centre III: Imaginal Location.

More on the constellational environment of Sagittarius-Capricorn, rich with stories and symbols Stations of Pluto: significance and opportunity offered. Includes general material on Stations.

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V: Breaking the Taboo on God. Chiron conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius ushered in the Millennium.

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  4. A small retrospective Archive material about Pluto in Scorpio, still relevant now Some thoughts on the transit of Pluto in Capricorn. Be prepared to be nudged out of your comfort zone The Venus Gallery. The Transit of Diagrams and Information:. Right-click this link and open a new window to view. An exploration of the cyclic journey of Venus, with reference to the ancient story of the goddess Inanna.

    For the Sumerian culture, the planet we call Venus was a personification of Inanna. Inanna's story can be read as an almanac of the movements of Venus, charting as it does her periodic appearances and disappearances in the dawn and evening skies.

    Hour One — Jennifer Gehl: The Return of Planet Sedna:Astrology, Healing, Awakening Cosmic Kundalini

    As ancient Sumeria equates with modern-day Iraq, this story surely has particular poignancy at present. It was literally pieced together from cuneiform text written on clay tablets, found in broken fragments buried in the sands of Iraq. They were unearthed and housed safely in museums, mainly in Turkey and the USA, to be 're-membered' much later by a dedicated international team of Sumeriologists who pieced the fragments together over decades and began the painstaking translation work.

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    Click here for details of MP3s to buy. In the UK, contact Roy Gillett. Click here for material on the Chiron Return - free downloads and to buy. This is very similar to Sedna, only Sedna operates on a far vaster scale, so we may find that Sedna is the higher octave of Ceres. The spiritual security and sense of place on Planet Earth with Ceres, is transmuted into transpersonal nurturing of our spirituality and sense of place in the evolutionary cycle with Sedna. A brief note on Sedna and illness, because it crops up repeatedly in the case studies.

    Frequently an illness will cause someone to refocus their energy, or change life direction, etc, so the illnesses occur at pivotal points in our life paths and may function a bit like proteins do at cell level. For thousands of millions of cells to be able to function as something other than one large lump, coordination is required.

    Thus communication between the cells is necessary. The signals sent in and between cells consist of ions or small molecules. These start cascades of chemical reactions that cause our muscles to tense, our eyes to water — indeed, that control all our bodily functions. On a planetary level Sedna may represent the same process of social coordination which is coming into being, where, like cells of Gaia, we can learn to act together as part of an intricate social system, each playing our part. Various unconscious experiences, which come from our heredity, will push us to a painful crisis of transcendence, where we are forced to let go of our old spiritual framework and transcend to a new consciousness.

    The vast majority of us are at the beginners' level and we will manifest the energy of Sedna from a position of being buried in the dysfunctional swamp of density. And we all start life unconscious and have to develop consciousness as we grow, so we all experience the base level of Sedna.

    Then she hits us with transcendent crises, experiences which force us to let go and rise above them, resulting in a huge growth to a new level of consciousness.

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    There is no choice with these crises and the more we try and solve them the more we will get hurt. The well-known pattern with the other planets is that the spiritual level is vastly different from the two previous levels and this is also true for Sedna. Here the struggle of the beginners level is gone, as are the transcendental crises of the intermediate level. Higher Octave of Ceres. The newly re-classified dwarf planet, Ceres, can be thought of as the higher octave of the Moon, meaning that the emotional security of the Moon is transmuted to a sustenance and nurturing of our spiritual security and sense of place on Planet Earth with Ceres.