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A time traveler, a brave, perhaps foolhardy individual, prepared for who knows what, steps into the time tunnel and emerges who knows when. The concept may be far-fetched, and the reality may be very different from this, but the idea itself is not so crazy," Hawking writes. But time is like a river in another way. It flows at different speeds in different places and that is the key to traveling into the future," Hawking writes.

Albert Einstein first proposed this idea years ago that there should be places where time slows down, and others where time speeds up, notes Hawking. That makes it a natural time machine," Hawking writes. And to do that we'd need a much bigger ship, a truly enormous machinebig enough to carry a huge amount of fuel, enough to accelerate it to nearly the speed of light.

Getting to just beneath the cosmic speed limit would require six whole years at full power. Notes 1. Registration No. Flor, Copyright Examiner.


Malolos, Bulacan. William W. Lardizabal Teacher of teachers , Antonio Boy Z. Atienza, Jr. Part I I. From obscurity, I and these 3 mystic dwarves became immortal in world history. James Randi born August 7, , internationally billed as The Amazing Randi, is a stage magician and scientific skeptic best known as a debunker of pseudoscience.

He occasionally features on the television program Bullshit! Randi has worked as a professional stage magician and escapologist since In , he broke Houdini's record for survival in a sealed coffin 1 hour, 33 minutes by 11 minutes. In his early career, Randi was part of numerous stunts involving his escape from jail cells and safes.

He writes:. That was before Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda of the 1, pairs of shoes, were in power, but I became aware of how informal the judicial system was even then, when several friends came up against it and were only allowed to leave the islands after large cash bribes were openly paid to appropriate officials, all the way to the boarding gate at the airport.

Strange standards in that part of the world were part of the atmosphere in which everyone lived. He now argues that his personal beliefs were being questioned. Yes, Id say thats true. He told investigators that the invisible dwarfs Armand, Luis and Angel helped him carry out healing sessions during breaks in his chambers.

The firing was not only based on his delusions; the court also found that Judge Floro was incompetent, and had shown bias in a case he was trying. The dwarfs were only an added flavour to the case. The court made no effort to decide whether Floro was insane, but agreed with a clinic's finding that he was suffering from psychosis. Dear reader, I hope that you dont chuckle too loudly at what must appear to be an example of naivety or outright superstition among the population of the Island. I have several good friends there, competent and educated, though I regret that the skeptical community there is no longer actively organized.

But right here in the USA, and in the UK, professional psychics work the populace, the administrations in both countries are headed by people who talk to deities, educational standards are being eroded by the admission of irrational faith-based notions, blatantly quack medicine is freely available to all, and television is packed with psychics, spook shows and documentaries that pander to public credulity.

The major difference between here and the Philippines is the number of persons who labor under the delusions, not the magnitude of the errors themselves.

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As if to emphasize the lack of a skeptical community in the Philippines, a reader has asked if Ill appeal to anyone there who would provide skeptical company to him He says its lonely there for him, without much rational behavior being obvious. If you are resident in the Islands, have a generally skeptical attitude, and would like to be in touch with this man, contact me, please. Licauco: Who Is The Fool? From December 31, , Judge Floro accurately predicted the twin angioplasty medical procedures of Jaime T. Licauco on February, and of James Randi, and the latters cancer: I had been known by these 2 guys: xxx Now, these 2 guys had been fighting for quite some time, as if in Court, filing complaints, answers, replies, rejoinders and all sorts of media garbage that seemed true-to-life drama entitled Psi vs.

I would rather write a story that would portray these 2 guys in a melodrama, drama anthology or soap opera, but if produced, there would seem very little audience participating, making it a baloney. Seriously, many of their fans had been hypnotized to the extent of being enchanted to a kingdom of their own in Neverland or rather in moro-moro fantasy.

More liberally, I would predict that all those fans that would follow these 2 guys might generously release moneys to lend their ears to these 2 guys tricks, treats and original recipes, not yet produced by cook books. I fervently hope that readers of this new topic will join this debate, and I raise the sole issue: who is the fool? Randi or Jaime, or both? In early February , he was declared to be in stable condition and "receiving excellent care" with his recovery proceeding well.

The weekly commentary updates to his website were made by guests while he was hospitalized. Randi recovered after his surgery and was able to help organize and attend the Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada an annual convention of scientists, magicians, skeptics, atheists and freethinkers. Randi was diagnosed with intestinal cancer in June He had a ping pong ball-sized tumor removed from his intestines during laparoscopic surgery.

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He announced this a week later at the July The Amazing Meeting as well as the fact that he was scheduled to begin chemotherapy in the following weeks. He also said at the conference: "One day, I'm gonna die. That's all there is to it. Hey, it's too bad, but I've got to make room. I'm using a lot of oxygen and suchI think it's good use of oxygen myself, but of course, I'm a little prejudiced on the matter. Instead, he said, "I want to be cremated, and I want my ashes blown in Uri Geller's eyes.

Randi underwent his final chemotherapy session on December 31, , as he explained in a January 12, video in which he related that his chemotherapy experience was not as unpleasant as he had imagined. In a video posted April 12, ; Randi mentioned that he's been given a clean bill of health. In March , Randi came out as gay. Licauco met his nemesis. James Randi born August 7, , stage name The Amazing Randi, is a stage magician and scientific skeptic best known as a challenger of paranormal claims and pseudoscience.

With point-by-point reply "Setting the record straight", Inquiret. Licauco denied having supernatural powers by saying "Thats a lie. I have never claimed to have any paranormal or psychic ability. I dont know where Randi got that idea". He claims that "I dont have to prove to Randi that ESP extra sensory perception ability such as telepathy, clairvoyance and telekinesis exists.

This has been proven scientifically long ago. Licauco further said that "Randis group denounced Gauquelins finding only to eat their words later. To save face, they went so far as to manipulate scientific data to conform to their preconceived notion that astrology was pure hogwash".

On the evening of Jan.

Sonia Breezee Santiago, who timely informed Judge Floro of Licuacos scheme to corner the paranormal book market , Licauco almost died, when he felt chest pain while watching a movie at Greenbelt Cinema in Makati. Judge Floro challenged Licauco, by posting the prophecy in several internet forums before the predicted surgery of this Philippine paranormal expert. Having a near-fatal heart attack Myocardial infarction , he was rushed to the Makati Medical Center and finally transferred to the Philippine Chinese General Hospital.

Licaucos cardiologist, Dr. On February 8, Jaime T. Licauco stayed in the coronary care unit for 4 days, and thereafter, he underwent an angioplasty. After 2 days, Licauco left the hospital after almost 2 weeks stay thereat. Licaucos daughter Sophia, who has been living in California for the last 21 years, flew back to Manila to be with him, and lost her job in the onset due to the length of stay in the Philippines.

Sophia Licauco wanted to make sure that Mr. Licauco was out of harms way before she went back to the US. Sophia Licauco is Jimmy Licauco's only daughter who values the importance of family. Wikipedia defines it, thusly: Others believe that they can achieve "immortality" through their "legacy", through their acts and the achievements that they leave behind a common belief, sometimes called renown or glory. Such was a belief of Alexander the Great. This view of immortality is different from others, in that it places value not on the continuance of one's physical, spiritual, or intellectual "self", but rather on how one will be remembered by generations to come "Their heroic works 'live on' in the world, for us to remember them by and others can emulate" or even how the world is influenced by one's acts even if oneself is no remembered.

This view of immortality is embraced in many Germanic and humanistic philosophies. The former asked why the latter should bare himself artistically when he has already all the riches Surprisingly the bold actor tersely replied: If you land in the print media, you are immortal!

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Overnight, for sure, Judge Floro and the 3 healing dwarves became world-famous and immortal in world history: on the birthday of dwarf Angel, April 7, --the day promised by LUIS on the date of dalliance or covenant with the 3 dwarves, on March 1, that on a definite, most certain and pre-destined future time, Judge Floro and these 3 mystic dwarves would be immortalized in the world.

It was just the matter of being in the right place at the right time. Parenthetically, celebrity, fame, fortune and glory cannot be equated with Immortality and World-Famous. As philosopher Blaise Pascal tersely and more adequately put it, The charm of fame is so great that we like every object to which it is attached even death. Bask in reflected glory. Hang out long enough with famous people, and some of that fame is bound to rub off on youthink Entourage.

Corollary to this 2. Sleep with somebody famous 3.

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    Its still all about the way you look, baby. Throw a brick at someone famous. This was said by the American newspaper columnist Walter Winchell back in the s, but its still true today. When in doubt, attack!