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My needs have to be filled fairly quickly upon presenting themselves or I kind of spiral out. I have a ton of energy and can do things like work or be in meetings or shop for looong time. Exertion often gives me more energy. Oppression and privilege and liberation- every day I excavate more of my own attitudes and actions that are oppressive or systemically violent.

Colonialism- I love to look at timelines and what was happening simultaneously globally.

I think and study a lot about the spiritual gesture of whiteness and my theory that it is created from the Roman empire meets Christianity meets Western Europe. In order to be in relationships including friendships in integrity, I am looking at what emotional growth is needed in order for me to be successful in that relationship. Working an edge of emotional growth is destabilizing and energy consuming, so I need to make sure I have the space to do the growth needed, and that that particular piece of growth is a priority for me and that I have the time and space resources to do it responsibly.

It tends to be more an energy that pops up in the day to day.

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So my solutions tend more that way. Take action. Just move anything, one little piece of difference or change will make space for everything else to shift. Go to the ocean and pray and ask for a message. This always gives me deep time perspective.

1. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Try to find more solitude. I also have a lot of Aquarius in my chart, so solo time always allows me to get grounded. Smoke a little weed if I can, that usually shifts my vantage point. Thomas Page McBee Yall! He is so excellent at staying very close to what is really at stake, in all his creative work. His endeavors bear the beautiful unusual mark of all the compassion and tenderness of Pisces, with the critical, collective lens of Libra and Aquarius, among other things. Both of his books are excellent, and all of his online writing is relevant, thoughtful, productive and kind. This is such a rare combination for writing in what can be such sticky territory.

Buy his book! Read more of his work! Follow him on the internet , if you do that kind of thing. Asking big questions What is evil?

Can we integrate our shadows? What's a "real man"? How do the stories we tell define us, and where do they fail us? I love the questioning, the experimenting with answers, and the reporting back. I love words, I love connecting, and--for all of our faults--I love humanity. I am grateful to be alive and part of the human family, and I see it as my responsibility as an artist and a person to leave the world a little better than I found it. I understand that I'm an "upstream fish," which maybe has something to do with being born on the cusp of Aquarius and having so many planets in Aquarius, as well.

I'm also a Libra rising and moon, so I'm definitely diplomatic and aesthetic, but I'm not as go-with-the-flow and ethereal as other Pisces. I do connect deeply to the empathetic, old-soul aspects of my sign. It's said that Pisces have a little bit of all the signs within them, as we're the last in the Zodiac, and that feels right to me. I find that my empathy for others is often a way to empathize with myself, and seeing myself in others comes easily to me.

Whenever I see black-and-white thinking, I wonder who benefits--and loses--from the lack of nuance.

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With astrology, there's a ton of nuance I'm still learning so much about my birth chart , but people tend to get hung up on sun signs, and I find that most skeptics don't know a lot about astrology as a vast and ancient attempt by humans to understand the incredible mystery of life. I was raised by a physicist, and so I tend to see astrology and quantum physics and the world's religions all as different attempts to honor and explore the fundamentally unnameable. Holding the paradox: That we attempt to understand what we never truly will, but that in that attempt we get much closer to ourselves--that, to me, is the entire point of being a person.

I respect all of the ways we've invented to hold life's mysteries. The damage of categorization is seeing oneself as a didactic identity "I'm a Pisces" without understanding the context and spirit of what these incredible, ancient endeavors are really about. I meditate every day and work out most days. Lifting weights keeps me grounded and in my body, and meditation connects me to myself spiritually. I also pull a Tarot card daily, which connects me to what I cannot see and my faith in things larger than myself.

I spend a lot of intentional time with my wife and our pets. I also structure my days so that I both set and review goals regularly, allowing for room to change and to practice gratitude. I do all of this so that I can do my work, which is fundamentally about connection. Being an out trans man writing about masculinity puts me in a.

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I really try to be thoughtful and intentional about what I put out into the world, whether it's in my books, or journalism, or on my Instagram feed. I welcome complexity and dialogue, and try to allow room for the messy art of being a person who is always in transition. I look for the universal. In order to have that kind of collective healing, I have to really know myself.

I have to be good at tolerating discomfort, grounding in the moment, and holding ambiguity.


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It's a constant practice, but when it's working, it really works. I'm surrounded by people who inspire me, from my family to my friends to my colleagues and peers. I am a water sign but I grew up in a family of fire signs, and my wife is a Sagittarius so was my mother , and I tend to be very drawn to truth-tellers and free-thinkers who remind me every day to stand up for what I believe in. I feel the same way about the journalist Ronan Farrow, who has helped take down so many bad actors in the MeToo era. I'm always inspired by people with the guts to face America's "shadows," and so I've been re-reading James Baldwin, who continues to be the premiere example of a genius writer willing to take on the world we live in out of a brave and defiant kind of love.

I'm inspired by bell hooks's book on masculinity, "The Will to Change," which I return to often.

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I admire anyone trying to get free. Any of it will do although I especially love Against Memoir at the moment, one of her more recent books. So many heroes of mine and probably yours have been nurtured by her efforts! Her Aquarian spirit is to be celebrated, as are all her other spirits. Really happy to share her thoughts here with you today. Reading books!

In the morning I sit and drink coffee and read books on the couch with my son while he has his one hour of daily screen time. I live for it. I have always identified with classic Aquarian qualities because my point of view has always been a more radical one that challenges things. Like, I went to bat defending bisexual-identified people on the internet the other day because. But I just felt like it was radical-cool people making bisexual people feel bad for not having the right lingo or something, and also being 47 and having seen a lot of bi-phobia it just reeked of that dressed up in more radical ideology.

I am Aquarius in that I have always been drawn to radical points of view because they offer people the most freedom, but when those points of view become oppressive themselves it makes me feel reactionary. In general fighting on the internet is not the most effective and it leaves me feeling physically stressed out.

I would rather let the work I do in the world reflect my larger, sometimes complicated values and leave it at that! If I am lucky, my writing has a social work component. I think it does, as it witnesses to certain experiences that have historically not been represented, or have a lot of myth and projection around it queer stories, working class, sex work.

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I do think it can be healing to have your experience reflected back to you, and also can heal a persons misjudgements if their mind is open, so I love thinking that my work might have such capacity. It really depends on what the reader might need from it and bring to it. I don't think that writing has a responsibility to heal - I think that if you set out to have a specific effect on a readership you are setting yourself up. You have no control what people get from your work, and I also think that any artist's primary responsibility needs to be to their inspiration and ability.

It can't be dictated by outside forces - that is propaganda. But artists are naturally sensitive and that quite often there is an authentic inspiration to speak to issues and scenarios that have the effect of healing or inspiring others. I mean that is the beauty and magic of art but I think that the effect has to be secondary to the inspiration. Well, I have far less time and I need a bit more money.

My time is so scarce and I am working towards being the parent with the income and so there are lots of things I would have historically said yes to - I used to say yes to everything! And I believe in working for free - obviosly if there is money involved I want as much as I can have, but my experience has been that lots of really cool things happen without funding and it is important to me as an artist and person in the world to be involved with these things.

I ask people to perform for free all the time! But I have to balance it out now, balance if it means missing a dinner and bedtime with my son, if it will take time away from paying projects or projects that mean more to me, stuff like that. Well, I moved to Los Angeles to work in the film and television worlds, and I finally have managers and I swear they are offering me the biggest sense of possibility right now! It is so, so hard to break into this world and to have people who see you and believe in you working on your behalf is amazing.

But this is just on a very self-focused and careerist front - my immediate personal future!