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Bengaluru: This is one big 'catastrophe' they could not predict.

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It has now hit them hard. The astrologers who tell live astrology and predict the future on television channels in Karnataka will have to shut their shop, if Chief Minister Siddaramaiah manages to ban such shows. A few days ago, speaking at a function Siddaramaiah said, "Every television channel wants to air astrology-based shows in Karnataka.

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There seem to be many viewers for them. In my home too, the scenario is no different.

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It's time we banned such shows. Siddaramaiah calls himself an agnostic. His admirers call him an atheist.

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However his actions prove something entirely different. After he became chief minister, he started visiting temples and started consulting astrologers. A few years ago, during a chit-chat he had told this journalist that his wife was a believer in astrology and he was not against such things. TV astrologers in Karnataka thought that they had nothing to fear under his rule.


But, his latest statement has put a question mark over the future of fortune tellers. Kannada has over one dozen TV news and entertainment channels. All these channels have live astrology shows every day.

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  • These shows are highly popular and some of the telly astrologers are big celebrities in Karnataka. According to insiders, live astrology shows are one of the main sources of income for TV channels. Even the news channels can't survive without these shows. Some channels have astrologers as fixed guests.

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    Some of them get paid in lakhs per month. Currey has been consulted on and appeared in various televised documentaries which feature astrology. Currey has also acted as a trustee of the Urania Trust, a registered astrological charity.

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    • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Robert Currey. Dundee , Scotland.

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      The Astrological Journal. March Retrieved 25 February The Organization for Professional Astrologers. September Retrieved 6 February Also, Lundy, Roger, thepeerage. O Books, This electronic age approach was developed by a team of esteemed astrologers headed by English astrologer Robert Curry.