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Try to keep emotional rhetoric to a minimum as Aries does not respond well to emotional outbursts. Also, when your daughter is with you make sure she stays busy. Aries kids tend to get into trouble when they have nothing to focus on or accomplish. They are energy dynamos and act out when they are bored.

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Oh yes…my 18 month old girl is an April 2 Aries. I am pregnant with an Aries, my husband is a Taurus and I am a Cancer. Not sure how a fire element will fit in with earth and water!


It will be our first child. It will fit just right! These little ones are very energetic and ahead of their peers! Your Taurus hubster will be able to withstand the firebrand coming into your family. As Bulls do, they just bravely weather storms by simply outlasting them.

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Fire and water though — whew! That can be a little tougher. Always remember that fire is the element of passion. What would you advise us to prepare for?? You, two, hit the zodiac compatibility Powerball! Wow… Well, I am an Aries, my husband is a Capricorn and my son is also an Aries born a week before my bday , he is only 2 and a half and he is exactly like described.

His energy levels are close to infinite and he is definitely very territorial. Thank you for visiting and commenting on BuildingBeautifulSouls. Make sure everyone takes extra vitamins because with 2 Aries and Capricorn in one household, you all will need it! Im pregnant with an Aries due date. My husband and I are both Virgos. Sounds like we are in for a ride. Find out the gender in two weeks. Wow — 2 Virgos and an Aries. Well, no matter the gender — you are correct! It will definitely be a wild ride! Our 19 month old is an Aries boy that is true to his traits lol MyTaurus hubby and my Capricorn self have been on a wild ride with this little man since day one!

Never a dull moment with him lol. Wow, wow, WOW!

A Bull, a Ram, and a Sea-goat! Horns and scales. Oh my..

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I have 1 and a half year old twin aries, one boy and one girl. This describes them to a T already!! My girl is a fearless fire cracker and a total diva and my boy is a wild monkey. They are both independent and smart but my daughter just HAS to figure things out for herself. My husband is a cancer, our oldest son is a capricorn, and I am a leo. My son and I are very strong willed and with him about to enter his teen years it has been challenging to agree on things but I love my family and will make sure to keep things as smoothe as possible. Any advice would be appreciated! Lots horns and some big claws!

LOL Should be fun! Just remember, Cancers are extremely sensitive and will scurry back into their shell at the first sign of drama so you, Capricorn, and your Aries son take care to be more gentle with her than you might normally be inclined to do. I am an Aquarius, my husband is an Aries, our older son is a Capricorn and our baby son is an Aries too. LOL Thank goodness all those hard heads have you, the Aquarian dreamer, to bring love and light into the corral!

I am an Aries. My man is a Libra and we have a one year old Sagittarius girl… What should we expect in the years to come and how do we channel her best traits? Looks like you wrote in twice.

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  • Please see the previous answer. Libra dad will be able to temper any of the head strong behavior that your Sagittarius baby girl might who are we kidding here — WILL exhibit! Hi Bernadette! I am expecting another girl come April 5th, My eyes are wide open reading the Aries description!

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    We also have a 7 yr old Aquarius son. I am curious to know our household outlook! The Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer soulmate bond is legendary! Adding Aquarius to that makes a neat fantasy family where everyone is in incredible sync. Now, adding Gemini to this mix can be awesome for a Scorpio mom because you two are kind of like twin detectives — always investigating something.

    You, Scorpio mom, are just like the snake energy that rules your Zodiac Sign — singularly focused on always moving forward. Aquarius and Cancer will just go with the flow so no worries there. Adding Aries is going to shake things up for sure!

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    Gemini, Cancer, and Aquarius are likely to stand back and watch the fireworks. The planet Mars rules you both. While you two will bond over anything that requires relentless drive, ambition, and passion, when you clash it will be Clash of the Titans. So, watch out for that.

    Never forget that and all will be dandy!

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    This is so true of our 9 month old. We have 5 children total between the two of us. What all do I have in store wise with my house hold. Some days I want to pull my hair out. And poor Libra child! Try to spend extra time with your sensitive Libra child. And, try not let the Virgos pick at the Sagittarius and Aries because both those signs have zero problem retaliating like warriors. Sagittarius and Aries have shown up to your family to teach the Virgos how to relax and come down off their high-horse.

    The Virgo army has shown up to teach both Aries and Sagittarius that having some self-discipline does not mean they are oppressed and no longer a free spirit. I have learned that my libra son is re sensitive one out of the house. He gets vindictive also tho.

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    • The Aries baby is really teaching us all about what life and love is about. They are actually inseparable. Thanks for the feedback. It has helped a lot these past few months. This describes my Aries son perfectly!