2020 sagittarius horoscope march 26

By Sunday 15th you have energy and decisiveness, and long-standing tasks go more easily. Mars, planet of initiative, gives you a steady flow of power, yet you still excel when empathy and imagination are called for. Early in March sees you looking for action and putting your case strongly. You are proactive in love and someone with a sense of humour adds colour and intrigue. If someone puts pressure on you for a decision, realise that you in fact have time to think things through. More time than you thought. Looking back, you investigate old loves too and remember the way we were.

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As Venus, planet of affection, goes retrograde you reignite past romantic sparks and find something new and unexpected. By Sunday 8th you call the shots again and someone is around to help you celebrate.

Sagittarius Horoscope

The Virgo Full Moon on Wednesday 1th is your peak moment for energy, fun and profit and it finds you in trouble-shooting mode. Saturn, planet of ambition, sees you achieving amazing things but it takes its toll on your physical powers. You feel tired and worn-out with reality, and need a rainbow to head towards. Chin up! Pacing yourself with rest and massages is vital, and having a touch of the left-field and offbeat is a positive tonic.

Your mojo soon returns and the positive comparison is truly uplifting. You appreciate people with wit and sparkle mid-month and a romantic departure is nearer than you think. A touch of human drama suits your Libran style and you unravel mysteries in your closest affairs. Someone from the past calls unexpectedly and gives you new choices.

If partners are acting out of character, then take the chance to look around for a new model. A touch of kismet works in your affairs; a full-circle feeling that always has the final word.

Planetary Row

The upshot is that you are well-off in your existing situation but you look at your partner through new eyes. Make the most of the expansive feeling surrounding you, and look actively into your myriad career and travel options. Jupiter, planet of joy, stretches your sense of the possible but Libran couch-potatoes yes will miss the moment.

The New Moon on Thursday 26th is a romantic revelation when someone who understands is worth their place in your team. You are open to change and welcome taking a few more career chances. Of all signs, you are best placed to take advantage of the revolutionary energy of the time — the challenge between the old and new ways of getting things done.

Uranus, planet of sudden change, sits beautifully and lets you introduce a radical new image in gentle and graceful fashion. Instead of settling for the regular route in work and love, aim for something quirkier and closer to your heart. You know you are worth it. Your thinking is sharp between the 10th and 26th when decisions and communication of all kinds goes smoothly. Trust yourself at this point and even jot some of your brilliant schemes down to peruse later on. Restless desires remain around your home and you demand to travel on a whim.

The balance between where you live and where you work still tops your agenda and you would like to have the issue settled. You have consistently proved yourself Employee of the Week but still you are not satisfied. Security becomes important, as well as freedom, which is the regular Sagittarian holy of holies. Charm is on your side, as Venus, planet of love turns backwards, and you welcome a new challenge in your affairs.

A fun liaison from the past floats back up in your mind and you try to recapture the magic.

Think laterally when an apparent setback or unexpected quirk hits your affairs and you end up with more options than when you started. Friday 20th sees a honeymoon quality put back into your relationships. Your goals are sharpening up, even by your own ambitious standards.

Set your own agenda and the deeper you explore your personal obsession, the more satisfaction you get from it. Soon they will start looking back anyway and take inspiration from you. Pluto, planet of rebirth, ensures nothing gets wasted and creative recycling showcases your canny Capricorn qualities like nothing else.

Check impulse buys on Sunday 8th and take an expert friend along to advise. The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius of December 14th, is the cosmic gateway to a period of a new beginning, a new you, new forms of communication, opportunities and unknown possibilities.

The year is colored by travel, a new relationship, new language, new friends and family or a new job. Love and Relationships In the first six months of , the Solar Eclipse of December 26th, gives Sagittarius the power to overcome emotional problems within the relationship. February is all about love and romance. Be careful though. Don't take any chances, Sagittarius. March shows that you have to be cautious about entering into new relationships.

There will be a new social circle in , this is a cosmic process, so it just happens to you. What has been lost in recent years is being replaced by new connections that are more in line your new life. In the spring of , Sagittarius is raising aim at a new relationship. New friendships and business relationships are being formed during the year. From the end of June to the beginning of January , Mars travels through Aries.

During this period there are parties and sporting activities, so a chance for a new romance! In the coming six months, there may be profound emotional changes in the relationship with a close friend, loved one, or business partner. It can lead to a break or legal complications, but a new relationship, marriage, business contract or serious commitment is also possible.

November and December are all about romance, sharing and being together.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Wonderful months to travel! During this period there will be changes in your daily routine and in the workplace.


Important contacts for the future will come your way in the first half of the year. In January , Sagittarius may be uncertain about the next steps. When in doubt, leave it out, is a good advice, so take plenty of time to think before you make a decision. April is a good month for personal and professional progress, so a good month to apply for a job.

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  • May is a month of progress, so go for it. June is the month of planning ahead and preparing. In July you want to know where you stand and look for answers. August is a difficult month of testing. Don't force anything, Sagittarius.

    Areas of Expansion in 2020 for Sagittarius:

    September can also be a month of challenges, so take a step back. October is all about the positive developments in the career, business ventures and finances. Mercury retrograde in Pisces from mid-February to mid-March can be tricky, because collaboration is not obvious and can cause delays. Mercury retrograde from mid-June to mid-July and from mid-October to mid-November may also indicate setbacks and delays. It is like swimming through treacle, but you don't have a choice. In the first six months of , this Solar Eclipse indicates an improvement in your financial situation and the arrival of new financial opportunities in the coming six months.

    Due to the influence of the Great Benefactor Jupiter in Capricorn, Sagittarius can count on a financial windfall, reward, donation, sale of a house or lottery until the end of The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn has great influence on money, values, self-esteem and possessions.